11 December2016

Time we had some Babes on my website. A bit like the page 3 girl in british tabloids, except more asian and sophisticated.

I was invited to Cheryls wedding in Hong Kong at a beautiful hotel called the Grand Hyatt. Notice the name dropping. It so happens I brought my camera along……..

See the Blog  for my interpretation of events…..


5 November 2016    Nikon D750    iso 6400    85mm    f2.8    1/125sec    Nikon 85mm f1.8

2 replies on “Cheryl”

very nice looking lady,she could be a fashion model,the image is rather soft is this because of the iso 6400 or did you move?

Hi Brent, you are right. Didn’t notice the softness. But it was the lighting and the spontaneity that impressed me. Softness can be put to two factors. One. limited depth of field. Two. Cheryl was moving.

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