Wedding Meiji Shrine Tokyo

13 July 2014

The Meiji shrine is where Shinto wedding ceremonies are held. The respect for tradition provides a visual feast to any visitor to Japan .

Temples, Priests, gardens, cherry blossoms, saki, kimonos, it all here in one place.

Wedding Meiji Shrine Tokyo

30 March 2013    Nikon D3s   iso 800   200mm f4.0   1/125sec   Nikon 70-200mm f4

5 replies on “Wedding Meiji Shrine Tokyo”

Thanks Kim, I discovered these two shots when I revisited my Tokyo photos in search for some wedding stalker photos!
Rule of thumb- after any photo expedition, delay or revisit your shots much later! In my case a year later.

I know we talked about it but I am going to have to paint this photograph in the New Year though I am not sure that I can do it justice!It is amazing.

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