Travel Portraits

6 January 2024

The theme of this months posting is street photography. Most times I prefer to do candid rather than someone posing. However there is a time and place for everything. Over the months I will add to this blog images from the past which I haven’t published before or are buried in the archives. This is a bit like the greatest hits album.


Back in 2010 I was taking my daughter down to Dunedin for university study. I forgotten where the cafe was but we came across this couple from Auckland who were taking a road trip in this Classic car.


This photo and the one below were taken in Vietnam. We took an overnight train to Sapa from Hanoi and did a days trek. The group of girls was taken outside a photographic studio and I think they were waiting for some prints. The before and after shows the value of cropping an image with digital enhancements using Adobe lightroom.


The last three images were taken at various times when I managed to get backstage during a Chinese opera performance. The opera is held annually (with the exception of Covid) in my wife’s village, New Territories, Hong Kong.


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