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Peter Leung

Peter Leung

Peter, photographing an out house

1 August 2015

I met Peter on the tour to the the Rice Terraces in China.

My first words to him was “do you speak Engrish?”

Joking aside we found we had so much in common.

Things like beautiful wives, love of chinese street food, previously employed by HK Govt, and the same camera!

Anyone who owns a Fuji 5s pro can’t be that bad……. In fact nowadays unless you are an old timer you wouldn’t have heard of the Fuji !  Peter was surprised I even knew about his camera. Peter was fanatical about sharpness and his pixels. He uses a tripod for most of his work and enjoys recording nature.

We were showing each other photos stored on our cell phones (as photographers do) – its a bit like I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…….  Or, if you are showing off to a non photographer they always say “did you really take these shots with your cell phone? ” Yeh I reply my HTC is really that good….

Anyway I enjoyed looking at these folllowing images that Peter showed me.

The student protest movement and the camping with tents in Central especially. The contrast of the small tents with the tall buildings in the background along with the HK flag next to the Chinese flag was very symbolic to me.

Apparently Peter did not even have my interpretation in mind when he took the shot…..

2 replies on “Peter Leung”

Nice meeting Sally and you in Kunming. Your zeal toward photography inspired me. Keep it up. It is something that enriches life. The effort of the zeal will be like rum for savouring from time to time.

Love reading and watching the texts and photos of your blog. Keep it up. It certainly will turn out to be a pretty substantial backup for a book to be published in future.

Keep ‘spraying’ and ‘praying’.

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