Myanmar Part 3

18 November 2018

Myanmar Part

1.    22 April 2018    Nikon D3s    iso 6400    28mm    f5.6    1/60sec    Nikon 24-70mmf2.8

Myanmar Part

2.    Nikon D750    iso 3200    130mm f5.6    1/125sec    70-200mm f4

Myanmar Part

3.    Nikon D750    iso6400    160mm    f5.6    1/160sec  

3 replies on “Myanmar Part 3”

Strong images, Chris. Prefer portrait number 3 as a portrait, but especially like the wide shot showing context. Lighting is fabulous.

Thanks Jon, I thought you were going to scold me for not mentioning she could benefit from an implant in the 14 tooth gap.

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