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Inside La Sagrada Familia

15 November 2015

If you go to Barcelona this place should be the first on your list. I first encountered Sagrada Familia over 30 years ago on a Contiki Tour.

I remember it as looking like an impressive sand castle. You couldn’t go inside at that time. But you must go in as the interiors are truly amazing and so different to all the other basilacas and cathedrals in Europe. The lighting is also amazing late afternoon as you can see in the photos.

But what can a frustrated photographer photograph when the building is surrounded by cranes and the inside full of tourists? You guessed it, photograph the people instead, make them the subject, especially the attractive ones…..

To see actual photos of Sagrada Familia head for the Special Projects/Europe page.

Inside La Sagrada Familia

1.    Nikon D750    iso 3200    170mm    f4.0    1/125sec.

Inside La Sagrada Familia

2.    iso 400    110mm    f4.0    1/125sec

Inside La Sagrada Familia

3.    iso 800    135mm    f4.0    1/90sec

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