Hi Honey I’m Home…….

15 November 2015

A Yaah !  (Chinese exclamation sound similiar to Gee Whiz, OMG, J….C…..) its been over two months since my last posting.

Sorry to all those who have been waiting with bated breath and cliking onto to Clikbing every night (you are also welcome to clik on during the day…) in anticipation to what glorious images would appear before thee but there is a reason for this.

I have been travelling in Europe for the last month with my beautiful wife Sally in celebration of a significant birthday. No I’m not 21 but I can understand why you might be mistaken. Actually my plan was to spend 7 nights in Bangkok but that’s a different story.

But now I’m back (as Arnie would say) 5000 photos later but not much to show for it in relation to this website. Lots of happy snappys but dam hard to get anything special-too many tourists (including me) and its all been shot before.

Anyway the plan is to put anything I regard as special on the Home page. My usual photo rant and photostudy themes in the blog and I’m starting a new page in the special projects sectioned titled “Europe” with “child” pages under that heading to illustrate my journey. These images will be helpful to those who want  to”see” Europe and where we had been as opposed to looking to see how clever I had been or not.  So over the following weeks and months new material will be coming out. Keep Cliking in.

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