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Greg White

5 September 2016

Greg is a patient of mine and a very good musician. He sings regularly in Pubs and we even hired him to sing at my 25th Wedding Anniversary-sorry girls but I’m married….

Anyway Greg said he was preparing a new Album and I offered to do some cover shots for him. That was a year ago and he did remember my offer. At the time he couldn’t refuse as I had sharp implements in his mouth! But the passing of time dulls the senses…..

So when Greg had the album done (draft version) I said I needed to listen to it to get some ideas. If I chose a rubbish dump as a location would he get the hint?  Actually the album was very good and it was a constant companion when I was driving.

Yeah I know railway lines are a bit of a cliche but I wanted to get a “gritty” image  and a piece of life rather some abstract image that appears on a lot of CDs and Vinyl.

So why not do a  night shot? -yeah thats something different. But not with slow shutter speeds with camera on tripod. The D800 was on a tripod, but I didn’t want any of that blurry motion  stuff that is associated with low light photography. With the latest generation of cameras nowadays we can shoot at high isos with minimal noise and great colour. This enables us to capture life as the eye sees it. My D3s is 5 years old. Now there is a D5 that can shoot at ridiculously high isos. I’m still happy with the D3s as I don’t get out much nowadays. Notice the date of the last Blog?

It was winter though and I was waiting for a still night which is rare in Wellington. The downside was that it was very cold. We did get a couple of bystanders who saw us shooting at the station and came to watch. Didn’t ask Greg for his autograph though.

The number ‘1’ shot I would have chose for the cover as there is an element of mystery there. But Greg chose number ‘2’. Maybe he didn’t like the profile of his nose showing.

Check out the Album here:


Greg White

1.    Nikon D3s    iso 6400    200mm    f4.0    1/125sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0

Greg White

2.    Nikon D3s    iso 3200    60mm    f4.0    1/125sec    Nikon 24-70mmf2.8

Greg White

3.    Nikon D3s    iso6400    130mm    f4.0    1/125sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0

Greg White

4.    Nikon D3s    iso6400    165mm    f4.0    1/125sec

Greg White

5.    Nikon D800    iso800    200mm    f4.0    1/30sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0

Greg White

6.    Nikon D3s    iso6400    200mm    f4.0    1/125sec

Greg White

7.    Nikon D800    iso800    90mm    f4.0    1/10sec    Nikon 70-200mm f4.0

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