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Brent Higham

21 April 2019

Brent showed me this picture last year and it made me very envious. I wish I had been there.

However I thought the original shot could do with a bit of post processing -I couldn’t resist the urge to fiddle with it. I did it and sent him a copy for his approval before posting it on the web. I never heard from him…..

Having lunch with Brent the other day I subtlely asked in my usual form  “didn’t you like what I did to your shot Brent?”  Apparently he missed my E mail. Anyway here is the shot with the Bing interpretation and with the Masters permission!

Brent Higham


2 replies on “Brent Higham”

i must admit you have processed the image how i would have before printing ,the crop works for me and the magenta in the shadowed areas adds a nice touch cheers

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