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Brent Higham 3

I met Brent when he sought dental treatment from me. We are still friends….

Anyway Brent is a very good photographer and he has a great eye. I always look forward to seeing his photographs.

Brent sent me an image of a swan and asked me my opinions on some filters he used post processing.

Personally I am not that keen on “art ” filters and prefer photorealism. I asked Brent to send me the raw file and I will have a go with his shot.

Brent has a Pentax K3 and for an APS-C camera the sensor is very good. Its amazing how much information I could retrieve from his file. Substantially more colour information  when compared to my  Olympus OMD sensor which is 4/3rds size but considered comparable to the larger APS-C file. Thats what the internet reviews say!

So here is my interpretation of his capture. I used Lightroom and Viveza (Nik Software). I think Brent hates it…

Brent Higham

The Original

7 March 2014

Pentax K3  iso 100  250mm  f8.0  1/800sec   Pentax 60-250 f4

Brent Higham

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im afraid your right about me not liking what you have done you have removed the feel I was trying to portray which was the solitude of the swan on the water the heavy shadows and texture (not shown)around the swan designed to eliminate any visual distractions .I should publish the image on the web site so you can see what I mean

Told you so…. Last thing you want is a busybody playing with your Raw files.
I wasn’t there to experience the emotion and feeling at the time. Those feelings will help dictate the post processing required and your interpretation of the scene.

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