Aoraki, prepare to be amazed……

7 May  2017

Aoraki, prepare to be amazed......

30 March 2017    Hooker Valley Walk (Mt Cook/Aoraki background, icebergs mid ground, Asian tourist foreground)

  Nikon D750    iso 200    40mm    f5.6    1/350sec    Nikon 24-70mmf2.8

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Nice well balanced shot Chris I like this Mt Cook shot particularly, the others of the west coast are good too but maybe it is my monitor but I personally find the shadows a bit too dark in the image of the Punukaiki Rocks. Bush is very difficult, but you have captured the low light in the bush very well. I like the light in this shot.

Thanks Richard. yes on some monitors and tablets the Punakaiki rocks are on the dark side.
But from an artistic point of view I didn’t want to bring out too much detail in the shadows. The same with the dark tree trunks of the bush shot.

great time of day for this scene,love the placement of the model and her head being inclined adds a connection with the mountain,magic.

What model??
That is some random Asian who happened to be standing on a rock!
I was talking to this lovely dutch couple at the time-Monique and Fritz when I spotted this girl on the rock. So I rudely broke conversation (as I do) rushed to a suitable shooting angle and took the shot. I would have preferred a more landscape composition but I had to crop out a man walking into the scene on the left!

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