Pasquale's Variety Benefit Show

27 May 2019


On Sunday 5th May, we attended  a variety benefit show to raise money for Pasquale Orchard's education.

Pasquale had won a scholarship to study music for her Masters degree in Manchester, United Kingdom.

However any artist needs to eat and sleep and the money raised will hopefully go towards ensuring Pasquale has a comfortable stay so that she can concentrate on her art. We  don't want her conditions to be a reinactment of La Boheme.

Anyway Sally and I rolled up to the Lower Hutt Little Theatre  for the show and honestly not knowing what to expect!

What a pleasant surprise and what fantastic performances from everyone. I had my carry around camera with me (as I always do) and it normally stays in the bag.

However from  the first note on I was inspired! As mentioned in previous blogs such feeling make me want to bring it out- the camera I mean .  And I didn't stop clicking until the show was over- such was the level of talent and enthusiasm. Hopefully from the photos you get an understanding of how pleasurable it was for anyone present. Hopefully Pasquale will give another concert to celebrate her success in obtaining her Masters in Music!  Encore, Encore!










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